Urgency Staffing

Who Are Locum Tenens?

Locum tenens is defined as “A person, especially a physician or cleric, who substitutes temporarily for another.” Placed in more practical terms, locum tenens work consists of a physician or mid-level provider (Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant) working temporarily in another place, not his or her own. That practice may be in the physician or mid-level provider’s hometown or even in another state. The practice responsibilities may include clinic or hospital care or a combination of both. Typically practices using “locums” are in more remote areas where the local supply of clinicians cannot accommodate a vacancy. Locum tenens work is designed to fill these vacancies on an interim basis. Assignments can vary in length from just a few weeks to many months.

Locum Tenens Contracts

Although a practice or hospital may contract directly with a locum tenens physician or mid-level provider to meet its needs, this is rare. Normally, the practice or hospital contracts with a third party, such as ACUTE CARE LOCUM TENENS, LLC., which recruits, qualifies, matches, and presents for consideration to the practice clinicians willing and able to undertake the assignment. ACUTE CARE LOCUM TENENS, LLC. provides the contracted provider’s malpractice insurance, and comes to an arrangement for the assignment that includes an hourly compensation and may include travel expenses.

Before accepting the assignment with ACUTE CARE LOCUM TENENS, LLC., the clinician signs an agreement with our group practice that makes clear the Independent Contractor status of the physician and the client expectations for duration and duties during the assignment.