Value-Added Solutions

ACUTEtrack: This Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) timetracking system provides Critical Access Hospitals with an easy and affordable way to capture an accurate record of physician availability (aka “standby”) time and accurately submit for reimbursement this portion of the cost of ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s fee in their Medicare Cost Reports. ACUTEtrack eliminates the time and effort you spend on conducting Time Studies, as well as provides insight into patient satisfaction issues such as wait time and quality of care.

Quality Indicator Dashboard

Exclusive Partners have the option to enroll in our Quality Indicator Dashboard, which gathers quality metrics and benchmarks with other ACUTE CARE, INC. affiliated facilities. You set your own goals and we provide sophisticated tools to improve quality.

Clinic Program

ACUTE CARE, INC. has a long history of providing quality medical care through Fast Track and Urgent Care programs. These services are facets of a progressive facility’s array of services and can prove to be both effective marketing tools and a source of additional revenue. In our experience, we find that these service extensions are effective in fostering an increase in outpatient visits and providing optimal utilization of your Emergency Department.

Client Service

ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s partners benefit from a commitment to client service, access to resources, and collaborative support that goes unmatched in our industry. Members of our leadership team conduct frequent on-site consultations with facility staff and, if the facility partner allows and/or requests, participate in ED Committee and Medical Staff Meetings.


As an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME), ACUTE CARE, INC. offers a wide variety of customized, live and web-based educational programs on subjects such as ICD-10, EMTALA and Patient Satisfaction. These programs are available to both ACUTE CARE, INC. providers and hospital medical staff. All affiliated physicians are invited to our annual Simulation and Skills Laboratory offering and are provided access to individualized counseling and support from our network of physician leaders and mentors.

Marketing and Advertising

ACUTE CARE, INC. will work with your organization to assess the marketing needs of your facility and assist in developing and implementing a Strategic Marketing Plan specific to the Emergency Department. We will work with your in-house public relations staff to create advertisements for local media outlets.


Locum tenens staffing is designed to fill vacancies on an interim basis. Assignments can vary in length from just a few weeks to many months. ACUTE CARE LOCUM TENENS, LLC. will recruit, qualify, match and present physicians and/or advanced practice providers for consideration.

ACUTE CARE, INC. pledges to be a flexible member of your health care team! Contact Anthony Cauterucci, Director of Business Development, to learn more at 800.729.7813 ext. 143 or via email at