Hospital Services

In response to a growing need of inpatient services at our partner hospitals, ACUTE CARE, INC. established its AdmitED Program. We found that our emergency providers, working in low volume and lower acuity Emergency Departments, can also serve as a Hospitalist for the inpatient population. ACUTE CARE, INC. will work with you to establish a solution that is customized to fit the facility’s needs, goals, customs and resources. Our partners have come to realize that this hybrid model allows for improvement in the following areas:

– Continuity of care
– Patient satisfaction
– Length of stay
– Lower costs
– Provider coverage for unassigned patients
– Rapid response to emergencies on the inpatient floor
– Strengthens communication between ACUTE CARE, INC. providers and local medical staff
– Customized transitions of care
– Local medical staff morale
– Decreased length of stay and readmissions

For those hospitals with a higher volume and acuity, ACUTE CARE, INC. offers Hospitalist Programs, in which we utilize an experienced physician and/or advanced practice provider to cover your inpatient population. This allows the Emergency Department Physician to focus on his/her own patients, while the local medical staff is free to practice office-based medicine and perform procedures in the hospital.

ACUTE CARE, INC. pledges to be a flexible member of your health care team! Contact Anthony Cauterucci, Director of Business Development, to learn more at 800.729.7813 ext. 143 or via email at