ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: the CEO Coalition’s The Heart of Safety: Protecting Our Healthcare Workforce Declaration of Principles

ACUTE  CARE, INC. supports CEO Coalition’s  Declaration of Principles for the physical and emotional safety and just treatment of all who work in healthcare. In early 2021, CEOs from leading hospitals and health systems across the U.S. convened virtually to examine standards of safety and trust for healthcare team members at every level of their organizations. […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: the Polaris Project

ACUTE  CARE, INC. supports the mission and methods of the Polaris Project, a non-profit organization that is a leader in the fight to eradicate modern slavery and help survivors restore their freedom Since 2007, Polaris has operated the U.S. National Human Trafficking Hotline, which provides 24/7 support and a variety of options for survivors of human […]

In Depth: ACEP Rural Emergency Care Task Force 2020, Part 1

The 2020 Rural Emergency Care Task Force, convened by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Board of Directors, began work in June 2020 and published a report in October. The 24 page summary can be accessed here. The goal of this series of two articles will be to further distill and explain the findings from […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM)

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the mission, vision and values of the the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine (SAEM). SAEM was formed in 1989 from the amalgamation of the University Association for Emergency Medicine (UAEM) and the Society of Teachers of Emergency Medicine (STEM). For over twenty years, STEM and UAEM helped promote and develop the […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: Emergency Nurses Association Quality and Timely Access to Emergency Care Public Policy Agenda

While the entire ENA Public Policy Agenda is well-considered and in its entirety worthy of consideration, ACUTE CARE, INC. seeks to draw attention to, and express support for the Quality and Timely Access to Emergency Care portion of the plan. Support Programs to Enhance Access and Improve Care for Patients with Mental Illness ENA will support policies aimed at […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: Iowa Medical Society’s Tort Reform Agenda

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the Iowa Medical Society’s Tort Reform Agenda, a centerpiece of the organization’s Physician Week on the Hill. In the past four years, Iowa has seen a substantial jump in high-dollar medical malpractice awards against physicians and facilities. Driven by the questionable tactics of national trial attorneys exploiting Iowa’s lack of a […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: the FDA’s Efforts at Resolving Drug Shortages

Drug Shortages: Root Causes and Potential Solutions, published in October 2019, examines the underlying factors responsible for drug shortages and recommends enduring solutions. The inter-agency Drug Shortage Task Force, which was led by FDA, oversaw the analysis of drug shortage data and development of recommendations in response to a request from 31 U.S. senators and […]

In Depth: Community Paramedicine

Community paramedicine is a relatively new and evolving healthcare model. It allows paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to operate in expanded roles by assisting with public health and primary healthcare and preventive services to underserved populations in the community. The goal is to improve access to care and avoid duplicating existing services. Source: Though […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: Joint Commission’s Reducing Sepsis Mortality Targeted Solutions Tool

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the Joint Commission’s Reducing Sepsis Mortality Targeted Solutions Tool Following a comprehensive quality improvement project with a cohort of 5 hospitals across the country and a subsequent pilot that reduced sepsis mortality anywhere from nearly 25% for the cohort and from nearly 20% to over 50% for the pilot, the Joint […]

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