ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Mental Health Support for Caregivers

November 24, 2020 With the pandemic intensifying and healthcare workers’ reaction to the cumulative stress of caring for numerous, and desperately ill patients, we wish to make clear that ACUTE CARE, INC. supports mental health support for caregivers. While the issue has been recognized and formally addressed admirably over the last several years, in my opinion, in Emergency […]

First In-Depth Post: Simulation in Emergency Medicine

This is the first in a series of articles that we plan to publish every other week. The goal is to go “beyond the headlines” and explore a topic that arrived in my newsfeed; one that merits a more detailed examination. I decided to start with The Role of Simulation in Training and Competency Evaluation  in […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – National Rural Hospital Association

November 20, 2020 For the next post in the ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports series, we have chosen the National Rural Hospital Association. We are proud members of this important organization, and derive considerable benefit from the information we receive and the advocacy they accomplish on behalf of our hospital partners. As an introduction, we can […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Iowa Hospital Association’s Rural Reform Proposal

November 12, 2020 This is the first in a weekly series of articles, discussing key healthcare resources and initiatives that ACUTE CARE, INC. supports. We will be explaining our rationale for that support, along with ways that you and your organization can join us in that effort. For our inaugural post, we have chosen the […]