Emergency Department Practice Management

ACUTE CARE, INC. has over 25 years of experience in providing high quality, compassionate, cost-effective, patient and family-centered practice management services that enhance the collective efforts of the hospital and its medical staff. Our Emergency Department Practice Management services are designed to fit the specific needs for each of our partner facilities. An exclusive partnership with ACUTE CARE, INC. will give you access to the necessary resources to ensure clinical, interpersonal and financial success. These include, but are not limited to:

Client Service 

ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s partners benefit from a commitment to client service, access to resources, and collaborative support that goes unmatched in our industry. Members of our leadership team conduct frequent on-site consultations with facility staff and participate in ED Committee and Medical Staff Meetings.

Performance Improvement

A proactive quality improvement plan with attention to training and support leads to improved patient satisfaction and superior clinical outcomes. This plan, combined with continual monitoring and direct feedback to the physician has proven to yield a consistent and superior achievement of performance objectives for ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s affiliated Emergency Departments.


We have found it more effective to recruit regionally as a means to achieve long-term retention and effectively match physician expectations, compatibility and lifestyles with facility requirements and opportunities. The physician interview process for full-time physicians involves hospital medical staff and administration. All physicians are placed on a probationary status so that both parties have an adequate opportunity to review the practice before committing themselves. This provides opportunity for both parties to receive a preview of a potential long term medical staff relationship. Our goal is to recruit a core group of full-time physicians and/or Advanced Practice Providers, approved by you each covering a minimum of 144 hours per month. Part-time physicians are utilized on an as needed basis. ACUTE CARE, INC. offers a comprehensive benefit plan for affiliated Independent Contractor physicians to effectively compete for highly qualified providers.


Our partner facilities have individualized needs for provider services and ACUTE CARE, INC. has a broad range of service offerings that match those needs. While 24/7, Nights and Weekends, and Weekends Only Emergency Department coverage models form the backbone of our offerings, custom programs are both common and easily arranged. Our hybrid Emergency Department and Hospitalist program, AdmitED, provides a variety of innovative and effective options as a solution for ED and inpatient unit coverage. ACUTE CARE, INC. commits to direct accountability and guarantees that all of the hospital’s coverage needs will be met, at agreed upon terms.


Our full-time credentialing department will present a comprehensive Joint Commission-modeled credentialing packet to the hospital administration in a time frame which best suits each facility, along with provider enrollment paperwork specific to the facilities payors, and a Certificate of Insurance from ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s Professional Liability / Medical Malpractice Insurance Carrier, ProAssurance. Each provider introduced to the facility will meet or exceed all facility-specific requirements.

On-Call Support

ACUTE CARE, INC. is available for and responsive to concerns that arise on a daily basis. We maintain access to Operations, Performance Improvement and Senior Leadership via a 24/7/365 toll free number.

Billing Options

Flat Fee or Fee-For Service programs that include fee schedule development and customized coding and billing reviews.


As an accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education (CME), ACUTE CARE, INC. offers a wide variety of customized, web-based educational programs on subjects such as ICD-10, EMTALA and Patient Satisfaction. These programs are available to both ACUTE CARE, INC. providers and hospital medical staff. All affiliated physicians are invited to our annual Simulation and Skills Laboratory offering and are provided access to individualized counseling and support from our network of physician leaders and mentors.

Medical Director

ACUTE CARE, INC. will recruit, at your request, an ED Medical Director. Facilities interested will chose specific responsibilities from a list of potential administrative and quality assurance duties.

ACUTE CARE, INC. pledges to be a flexible member of your health care team! Contact Anthony Cauterucci, Director of Business Development, to learn more at 800.729.7813 ext. 143 or via email at anthonyc@acutecare.com.