ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports: The Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN)

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports, and benefits from the innovative and effective strategies and achievements of the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network (ICAHN). ICHAN’s mission is to strengthen critical access and small, rural hospitals through collaboration. The organization and its 57 member hospitals make it their overarching goal to preserve access to rural healthcare while improving the vibrancy […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Iowa Medical Society

In recognition of the IMS’ Physician Week On The Hill (virtual) advocacy event and noting with pride that our Chief Medical Officer, Lenard Kerr, DO, serves on the Board of Directors, we make evident here that ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the Iowa Medical Society (IMS). Which is not to say that, as an organization with considerable […]

In Depth Series: Rural health care is in crisis – here are 5 innovative ways Biden can help it transform

As part of daily newsfeed, I came across an insightful article posted in The Conversation that I think is worthy of sharing, and in this message I will summarize that document in hopes that you will do just that. The five innovations discussed in the article are: Rethink how rural health care providers are paid Expand mental health […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Laboratory Professionals

ACUTE CARE, INC.‘s affiliated providers work closely with, and depend on the essential contribution of hospital-based laboratory professionals. The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (ASCLS) defines a laboratory professional as: Medical laboratory science professionals, often called medical laboratorians, are vital healthcare detectives, uncovering and providing laboratory information from laboratory analyses that assist physicians in […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME)

As an ACCME-accredited provider of Continuing Medical Education for physicians, ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the mission and practice of the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education. The ACCME ( notes that… The purpose of accreditation is to provide a framework that motivates educators to achieve their full potential. Accredited organizations are responsible for demonstrating that they meet […]

In Depth Series: Rural Emergency Hospital Designation

On January 13, 2021, the Congressional Quarterly posted New Medicare hospital model throws lifeline to rural facilities, which includes this excerpt: A provision tucked into the massive year-end spending law is offering a potential lifeline to rural hospitals on the brink of closure, but the facilities will need to weather the fallout from COVID-19 first. An increasing […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – ACOEP

As a physician practice led by a CEO and a CMO who are both DO’s, ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP). The organization describes itself this way: The American College of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians (ACOEP) exists to support quality emergency medical care, promote interests of osteopathic emergency physicians, support development […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – The Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA)

The Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA) describes itself as the voice of emergency medicine physicians-in-training and the future of our specialty.  EMRA is the oldest and largest resident organization in the world. Founded in 1974, the organization has 16,000+ resident, medical student, fellow, and alumni members. EMRA is a professional organization that represents over 90% of resident […]

In Depth Series: Violence in the Emergency Department

Violence in the emergency department (ED) is a significant problem world wide. Psychiatric and emergency settings are widely considered as high-risk areas, with the incidence of nurses’ exposure to violence ranging from 60% to 90%. Besides the impact on the health professionals, violence also directly and indirectly affects the quality of patient care and satisfaction […]

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Emergency Medical Services

Ground and air medical transport services, along with first responders from the medical, fire and law enforcement communities, along with dispatch communicators, are the EMS portion of the Emergency Medical Service system, of which the Emergency Department is also a part. ACUTE CARE, INC. supports EMS personnel and departments, and acknowledges their essential role in saving lives and […]