ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Emergency Medical Services

ACUTE CARE, INC. Supports Series – Emergency Medical Services

Ground and air medical transport services, along with first responders from the medical, fire and law enforcement communities, along with dispatch communicators, are the EMS portion of the Emergency Medical Service system, of which the Emergency Department is also a part.

ACUTE CARE, INC. supports EMS personnel and departments, and acknowledges their essential role in saving lives and promoting community health.

While deployment of EMS professionals for a medical or traumatic emergency is well known, the profession has always been a center for excellence in education – both professional training and community outreach –  the emergence of Community Paramedicine points to an important new role in community wellness and social determinants of health.

Emergency Physicians have always been a critical resource and support system for EMS departments. As educators, medical directors, and advocates, EP’s stand with their colleagues in a collaborative partnership.

The author of this report is a former ground and air paramedic, and our Director of Performance Improvement, Mike Wenger, comes from the same background.

We believe that having this perspective allows our organization to serve our healthcare facility partners in their efforts to optimize and support their local and regional EMS systems.

The very definition of a front line caregiver, EMS professionals willingly serve in complex, often chaotic, and sometimes dangerous situations.

We are proud to make clear that ACUTE CARE, INC. supports the brave and capable EMS professionals who always answer the call for assistance.

Paul Hudson, FACHE
Chief Operating Officer